Monday, 1 July 2019

Presentation Skills

Presentation is a part of effective communication skills. A good presentation will enable you to covey your ideas clearly to the audience, which will helps you along in your career and life. Meanwhile, bad presentation will make your audience felt boring and not interested in listening to your ideas. Thus, without a doubt, presentation skills should not be taken lightly and you should make an effort to master this skill as soon as possible.

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Case Study 1: Impact of not knowing the proper way of Presentation

As a new and young HR manager, Tan has identified software that can helps HR department work more efficiently although it is quite pricey. The boss says, if he can convince the board of directors, the acquisition of the software is good to go. Ali was excited. He rehearse his points all night to ensure he got his word correct.

At the day of the presentation, the board of director were bored to death. Instead of presenting about the software, he is lecturing about the software to the them. Of course, the board of director took this chance to discard his idea on the ground of his pitch is not convincing enough for them to make an investment on this software.

Tan was ashamed and in disbelief. Luckily, his boss was open about it and tell him to polish his presentation skills for other presentation in the future. Ali took his boss advice and started to attend business presentation class.

Case Study 2: Presentation that took too much time

Raj is a terrific storyteller. Having a decade of experience in teaching university student on storytelling skills, he is hired as a marketing manager at an international smartphone producer. One day, his boss asked him to make a sales pitch on their newly released products at international showcase. 

Raj was very confident he can pulled this off. After all, he has won many storytelling competition throughout school, university years and teaching people those skills for 10 years. Winning the hearts of the audience at this international conference should be easy.

Unfortunately, things did not go well as expected. Raj took to long on presenting the product. Some of the audience even left the showcase even before he finished his sales pitch. Feeling disbelief, he asked few of the audience why they left before the presentation is finished.

He later learned that promoting a product is totally different from storytelling. The audience wanted to know the features of the products immediately and did not feel interested in hearing Raj's jibber jabber. Raj realize his mistake and promise to himself not to repeat it in near future. 

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Case Study 3: Benefits of Good Business Presentation

Ahmad is an average presenter. He works as a sales assistance for a telecommunication company. One day, his boss wants him to present the latest 5G internet package to potential customer. Thinking it was his big shot, Ahmad wrote up a plan.

He begin by making power point slides and adding graph, animation and anything that will interest his audience. He also wore formal to the presentation, to boost his confidence and to make customer felt confidence in him as a presenter. He ensure his presentation was short but gives an impact.

His preparation bears fruit. The customer subscribed to the package worth several thousand ringgit profit a month. He receives promotion and bonus from the boss. Ahmad was happy but does not use this success to be complacent. He goes to presentation class to further improve his presentation skills.